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Terms of Use

Hi-Level wants you to use this data to better serve your customers needs and help grow your business.

We have put many thousands of hours into building and maintaining our parts database over several decades.

This is why we have to have terms of use, we are happy for our customers to use the data to build their business, which in turn helps us sell more to you.

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The free account level provides you a free quota of parts enquiries per day. The free account level provides access to Part Finder only through the Part Finder website.

Customers on the free account level are permitted to use Part Finder in relation to their business with Hi-Level only. The free account level permits internal business use only.

Free account level customers are not permitted to download and store any parts or bike data, images or any other part of this website. We monitor use of the service and may suspend accounts at our discretion if the usage pattern is unusual. We will contact you before taking any action.


We take privacy very seriously and we do not share your data with anyone other than where we have to to perform our services (such as passing your address to the courier for delivery) or required to by law.

This website does not collect any personal information apart from the information we ask for when you sign up - such as email address, name & address.

This website does collect usage information, including but not limited to the recording of IP addresses, cookies, device and other information made available by your browser. We use this information to monitor the performance of the system and to monitor account level limits.

Once you have signed up for the free account level, you may change to a paid account with extra features and benefits. This upgrade will be subject to further terms of use which will be presented to you at that time.

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